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“Public welfare together- travel with you, benefit in it" employee parental care activity

"Since 2016, the event has witnessed the warm moments of more than forty families. We have been to Hangzhou, visited the beauty of the West Lake, experienced the many flavours of the West Lake and strolled along the Su Causeway. We have been to Xi'an, visited the Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Square and visited the peaks of Mount Hua.

Walked through Xiamen and experienced the quiet time of Gulangyu Island. A night tour of Guilin's two rivers and four lakes, experienced the "city in the scenery, scenery in the city" landscape city pattern.

Companionship is the warmest form of sharing, and travel is the warmest form of companionship. Mediwelcome “travel with you, benefit in it” activity continue to move forward...