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Love impels us to do public welfare together

In November 2014, we started our trip to Fuping, 300 km, 4 hours, bumpy and difficult mountain roads, we walked over and over again, just for every reunion. We have a heart of goodness, and love what we see. Give love at the same time, we also have good fun.

After four years, fifteen teaching experiences, across summer and winter, passing on knowledge while also passing on happiness, lively and interesting classes, tiny gifts full of expectation, interesting sports meeting, celebrating Teachers' Day together, singing and laughing in tribute to the loveliest of people.

Colorful classrooms, to know the world outside the mountains, and to accompany children to grow up. In September 2018, when we saw the spacious and bright campus, we were sure that the children were closer to their dreams, and the trip to Fuping ended perfectly.

We are committed to public welfare. In December, we came to the mountain primary school in Huludao, Liaoning. We hope that our love will help children realize their dreams. In the future, enjoy love and give love together, we wait for you to do public welfare together.